Automate Your Email And SMS Marketing

Get in touch with your leads at the right time, using the right channel and the right content.

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Personalised and targeted marketing

Segment your leads and customers into groups to send them targeted emails and SMS at the right time using marketing funnels.

  • Set up automatic responses to form enquiries from new leads
  • Deliver welcome emails the minute a new member signs up
  • Invite existing members to refer a friend after 3 months of signing up

Funnel actions
Email editor

Build, send and track emails

Create beautiful and professional HTML emails with images and links using our drag and drop template builder.

  • Send out personalised emails and text messages with using mail merge fields
  • Create templates for your team to maintain professional branded communications
  • Monitor open and click rates for your email campaigns

Everything in one place

Manage all your outgoing client communication in one place, whether it’s an email campaign, SMS marketing or one-to-one contact.

  • Track with emails and SMS have been sent to each lead
  • Identify whether a lead is warm or going cold
  • Send relevant and timely follow up communication

Sms send report

Start marketing your business using GymLeads Marketing today.

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