Deep MINDBODY integration

Powerful class based integration for MINDBODY

Book trial classes

Your Sales Funnel & Schedule

Schedule sales appointments and a trial class by selecting from your MINDBODY account. As well as creating an appointment in GymLeads we schedule them into the MINDBODY class as well.

We'll still remind them about their upcoming appointment to help you increase your show rate and your sales people will see it as a sales appointment in their GymLeads calendar.

Mindbody class list
Lead sync@2x

Sync Leads

Keep leads in sync through the whole process

Leads created in GymLeads can be synced with MINDBODY across the entire sales process automatically. If there are any fields missing that MINDBODY needs, we let you know so you can easily fix it up.

If your sales staff have MINDBODY user accounts, we can keep their sales reps in sync with that as well.

Easy setup

Integrate with MINDBODY in seconds

Setup your MINDBODY integration in seconds. Once you've auhorized and setup, select the permissions that suit your workflow.

Mindbody setup@2x

Seamless and stress-free integrations

Learn more about our MINDBODY and member management platforms integrations.

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